Item: PVC Solvent Cement P-8 (Parabond)

Brand: Parabond

Model: P-8

Used For: Regular Bodied

Color: Clear

Description: A regular bodied, fast setting, high strength PVC solvent cement designed for joining PVC Schedule 40 pressure pipe and fittings through 4” diameter. When used for pressure applications or pipe and fittings 5” diameter or larger, use of Parabond® C-60 primer prior to cementing is recommended. Can be used on non-pressure applications including conduit, sewer, and drain, waste, and vent (DWV) systems.

  • Temperature application range: 4.44 °C - 43.33 °C
  • Meets the performance standard of ASTM D-2564

Warranty: 2 Year Shelf Life

Made In USA

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PVC Solvent Cement P-8 (Parabond)

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