This section includes all your needs of electrical devices, components, and tools with a various collection of both local and global manufacturers, including:

1-  All types of adapters

2-  Most of cables and wires (different sizes)

3-  Connectors

4-  Dimmers (1,2,3,4 knobs)

5-  All types of circuit breakers

6-  Extension cords

7-  Most types of fans and exhausts

8-  Hand tools

9-  All types of lighting fixtures holders

10-  Insect killers

11-  Most types of junction boxes

12-  All types of lighting fixtures including AC and DC lamps

13-  Most types of electrical devices and instruments, including meters, sensors, and timers

14-  Most types of pipe joints

15-  Single and double plug sockets

16-  All types of switches (1,2,3,4,6 and 8 gangs)

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